April 12, 2019

Introducing nooro, the UK’s first CBD snack bar.

Amkeu, innovators in CBD brands, and distributors of premium CBD products into UK and European markets, is delighted to today launch a landmark new natural snack brand, available exclusively at leading UK retailer Planet Organic.

We’re a society constantly plugged in, and consumers lives are busier than ever. This is leading to more and more people suffering from chronic stress and exhaustion.

nooro is the UK’s first CBD snack bar and is here to help by giving fuel for the mind, and balance to fast-paced lives.

Each of the lemon and ginger flavoured raw and vegan oat snack bars contain 25mg of CBD, mixed with plant-based mind nourishing nootropics Maca and Gingko.

Growth of the UK’s CBD industry has been spectacular in the last three years, and it contributes in excess of £100 million per annum to the British economy.

Amkeu’s CEO, J.D. Furlong commented: “Consumption of CBD in its various forms is steadily on the rise and we’re incredibly excited to launch the UK’s first CBD snack bar. Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge of the benefits of CBD and understands how it can help a generation reaching the point of burnout to find some much-needed balance.”

Health food business Planet Organic is Britain’s leading premium health food retail chain. nooro bars are on sale exclusively with Planet Organic in store and online from today, and retail at £2.95.

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