February 15, 2019

ECH creates a historic milestone as first cannabis-based medical shipment arrives for UK patients

European Cannabis Holdings (ECH), Grow Biotech, and IPS Specials have created a historic milestone by importing the first bulk shipment of cannabis-based medicine to the UK, since the Home Office legalised medical cannabis in November. The landmark moment for the UK’s fledgling medical cannabis industry will greatly improve access for patients.

The three firms worked in close collaboration to import the shipment, which was exported by the Office of Medical Cannabis of the Netherlands, and will be distributed to patients via a pharmacy in the UK. The shipment includes Bedrocan Flower Afina, and Bedica Flower Talea, which are used to treat a range of conditions including chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. The shipment also contains additional supply that will ensure continuity for patients.

ECH has been dedicated to opening up the UK medical cannabis market to patients in need by providing key infrastructure, educational services and marketing support. For example, ECH’s holding, Medical Cannabis Clinics, is a chain of private UK clinics specialising in innovative cannabis-based therapy and prescription cannabinoids. The clinics seek to provide effective care for all patients who currently suffer from conditions for which existing treatments are not effective.

Dr. David McDowell, a member of ECH’s medical board believes the development is a major step forward for UK patients seeking cannabis-based medicines.

“The first shipment of medical cannabis arriving in the UK is a break-through moment for improving access to treatments for a range of serious illnesses. The fact that we are now in a position to write prescriptions that can actually be fulfilled is a huge achievement. Patients no longer need to worry about how they can access their medication, which will mark a positive step change in their journey and finally provide the relief that they are looking for, and we can now finally provide.”

ECH is shaping the future of legal cannabis while firmly entrenched at the forefront of the UK and European industries. This unrivalled group of companies provides leadership, innovation and vital marketing infrastructure for the industry through a portfolio that includes market intelligence firm Prohibition Partners, conference organiser Cannabis Europa, CBD distributor Amkeu and online learning platform The Academy of Medical Cannabis. These holdings provide ECH with a fundamental anchor in the cannabis investment market, while helping it define this emerging industry.

Stephen Murphy, group managing director, and co-founder of ECH says: “We are delighted to have worked in close partnership with Grow Biotech and IPS Specials to deliver the milestone moment for the industry. The legalisation of prescription cannabis has given people with chronic illnesses hope and now, availability of medical cannabis, increased data and better education services for healthcare professionals will improve access rates and drive down cost.”

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