May 09, 2019

Asia’s Medicinal Cannabis Market Could Be Worth Over $US5.8 Billion by 2024 – Prohibition Partners

The Asian medical cannabis market will be worth an estimated US$5.8 billionby 2024, the world’s leading market intelligence and strategic consultancy firm Prohibition Partners has found in its latest report. According to analysis, if legislation is introduced in a number of the continent’s major markets, this estimate could quadruple by 2027.

The Asian Cannabis Report™, the first detailed report on a fully legalised cannabis industry in Asia, finds that the continent could reap significant rewards through cannabis legalisation. The report includes detailed market value forecasts, regulatory timeline analysis, consumption data and healthcare analyses for seven key markets, including China, India, Thailand and South Korea. 

Key findings include: 

Ahead of the launch, Daragh Anglim, Managing Director at Prohibition Partners explained: 
“A regulated legal cannabis market could be transformative to patients, farmers and economies across Asia. From a financial standpoint, as the world’s most populous region, the legalisation of cannabis could encourage robust economic growth across the region, buoyed by both local and international demand.

“As demand for CBD rises internationally, China has a huge opportunity to capitalise on this emerging market and help to shift opinions in favour of the therapeutic effects of different cannabinoids, which could stimulate economic growth, jobs and taxes throughout the region.”

The Asian Cannabis Report™ is the latest in a series of industry-leading reports from Prohibition Partners uncovering the commercial opportunities of a legal cannabis market. 

The report was published on 09/05/2019, and can also be downloaded on Prohibition Partner’s website  

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